When One Adventure Ends, Another One Begins!

(sigh) Today is my baby’s last day of preschool for the year. I have a mixed bag of emotions going through me at the moment, but mostly I’m just excited to have some time to spend with him this summer.

When I think about where we started in September, to where we are today, it makes we smile with wonder and awe. Willy has made SO MUCH PROGRESS this year that it’s simply astounding! In September, Willy wasn’t speaking in 3-4 word phrases or sentences, he was tantruming all over the place because he was having trouble transitioning and communicating, and he was a tad shy. Now? He can tell me his wants, needs, and some feelings in  3-4 word phrases, he tantrums a lot less, AND now, he’s considered to be “the Mayor” of his preschool. He knows everyone in the building by name, and he likes to say “hi” to all of them in passing, just about everyday.

I know, right? WOW!

I give his teachers a lot of credit, because it’s what they do. But I feel like Willy’s teacher’s go above and beyond the typical teacher standard. I have his lead teacher’s phone number, because she thought that I could use some extra support when we were going through a major med change (that was so sweet of her). His other teacher Ms. M always gives me detailed accounts of cute anecdotal events that happen throughout his day. It’s extremely comforting to know that she was there for my boy each and everyday of school, and how creative and sweet she is every time I saw her. And Ms. D. She is such a loving and kind soul. If there was the tinniest bump, scrape, or bruise, she would always tell me that Willy received extra TLC that day, because hugs and cuddles go a long, long way in their classroom! These women totally rock in my book.

This summer Willy will be going to a summer program at his school. There he will continue to receive intensive speech therapy, make some new friends, learn some new skills, practice the old ones, and start a whole new adventure. I am so proud of my little man, because he never ceases to amaze me. He’s becoming fiercely independent, but always remembers to be polite and considerate. And best of all… he LOVES his mamma.


First day of preschool and first time on a school bus!

2 thoughts on “When One Adventure Ends, Another One Begins!

  1. Gosh I remember all of that. It’s so nice to have LESS tantrums. We used to have like 15 or more a day and they were terrible. Now he is 7 and they are so rare. Sounds like you’re doing everything right mama!!

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