… what is normal, anyway?

I’m still trying to figure out the $200,000 question here… what is normal? Typical? Okay? Sometimes things that I think are completely normal/typical, aren’t really what they seem at all. I feel like I’m kidding myself sometimes.

One time, a long time ago, I actually lied to a complete stranger about the age of my child. We were in a public place, just him and I, and Willy was having a hard time leaving (hey, it happens). My normal is to just scoop him up under my arm so we don’t cause even more of a scene, go to a quieter place, and talk to him about it when he’s feeling calm. As he was sitting on a bench sipping his juice box and feeling calmer, a kind woman asked me if I was okay, because apparently my son’s tantrum looked awful to her. I was actually thinking to myself that this tantrum was a mild one. I told her that I was fine and said that this happens when a “3 year old” (my son is 4) doesn’t get his way. After her blank stare burned right through me, Willy and I continued our shopping. Normal? Typical? Okay?

When Willy is overcome with any kind of excitement or joy, he flaps his little arms. He sometimes looks like a little bird that is going to fly away at any moment. He has no other self stims, unless he is super excited or happy. Is that normal? Typical? Okay?

Willy started skipping and galloping several months ago and it’s adorable to watch. He’s so fast and loves to skip when ever and where ever he can. At what age do kids start skipping and galloping anyway? Typical.

Potty training is an entirely different animal altogether, but my son has dug his heals in and will not go! I’m afraid to ask if this is normal… typical… not okay. I am recruiting my Pediatrician on this one

But what I do know, is that I have a healthy, beautiful, happy, spunky, smart, and ridiculously cute little boy, who loves his mamma to the moon and back. If you ask him what his favorite color is, it’ll change from day to day (today his favorite color is white). If you ask him for a kiss, he’ll pucker up and plant a juicy one on your lips, and if you ask him to tell you a knock, knock joke, I can guarantee you, you’ll hear this:

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Leaf who?

Leaf early, or you’ll be late!

God I love this kid! Happy Monday everyone.


Fresh from the bath tub

2 thoughts on “… what is normal, anyway?

  1. our kids with Autism aren’t typical at all and I like that! Typical can be boring! LOL as far as normal yeah they are r mynormal,. normal for them! Potty training….ugggghhhh don’t remind me! Seth was 7 before he was totally potty trained, and 8 before he would sleep all night in underwear and not pull ups. Don’t get caught up in the developmental age a child should be potty trained. Don’t be discouraged, and just let Willy figure it out. I don’t mean, don’t try, but accept that it may be a while before it happens completely. What I learned was kids with Autism and sensory issues may not FEEL like they have to go until it’s too late. That was Seth’s problem. And the pull up issue was he liked the tightness of the pull up, so we ended up having to buy his underwear smaller until he was used to wearing underwear. Now with Seth he rarely had an accident after he was totally trained, and if he does it’s usually because we are out and can’t get him to to a restroom in time.

    I love my flappy boy! When he’s excited there’s no doubt! Seth has a long of sensory stims, and some have stuck, others (THANK GOD) have disappeared, but flapping remains. And each day at 5pm Seth takes off on a run though the house! Its hilarious!!!

    Nope our kids aren’t typical, but I love that! Normal and typical can be boring!

    I love reading about WIlly and his personality!!!!

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