Oh… My… Goodness!

First, please take a moment to read this Huffington Post article. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Trust me… it’s worth it.


Were you as shocked as I was? I’m really proud of that mother for stepping in and confronting that awful, obnoxious, disgusting, excuse for a man. Things could have gone horribly wrong in that moment, but the worst part of all, was that NOBODY stepped in to help her! Honestly! She was shaken to the core, and people just stood by and watched (sigh)! I guess some people still have quite a bit of learning and growing up to do.

A couple of years ago, I went to pick up my son from daycare. As I approached his classroom, I was stopped a few feet from the door. His teacher looked worried. I immediately asked what was wrong? She started with “now, please don’t be upset…” Of course my adrenaline starts to rush and I booked it to his classroom. There, I find Willy playing dress-up with some of the other kids. He was covered from head to toe in a pink and gold chiffon dress, with pink and gold sequence on it, and a crown on his head to boot.


It was so darn cute, that I was almost sorry that I left my phone in my car. I guess his teacher thought that I would be mad at the sight of seeing my son in a dress, and actually, it was quite the opposite. He blended in perfectly with the other kids, accept my son was the only one in a dress.

At two years of age, Willy was extremely curious about the world around him (as he should be). He was curious about trucks and how they moved, people (stranger danger), watching his breath float away in the cold, waves in the ocean, shadows on the ground, and obviously… clothes.

He was experimenting. What’s wrong with that?

Apparently his teachers thought that I would be mad for letting Willy put a dress on, and you know what? I didn’t care. This was one of many costume choices at the time, and you know what? Who cares!

I didn’t bother to explain to them that it was okay for Willy to play dress-up, because I figure that they’d learn on their own at some point or another. So, I scooped up my little boy, told him that the dress must stay at school, and that he could wear it again tomorrow if he’d like. And that was it.

Again, That mother deserves mad props for stepping up for what was right, and her message to the world has not gone unnoticed. Now if we could just spread the word of “tolerance” to everyone else, it wouldn’t be such a hostile world, now would it?



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