It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


Is it wrong that I feel this way too?


I remember when I was a kid, my mom always showed way too much enthusiasm when it came to back-to-school shopping. She would walk through the mall with her head held high, and laughed at every little thing that seemed funny to her. I on the other hand, whined, sulked, and  complained incessantly, because I was pissed off that my summer of freedom was coming to an end. Dam you September!

I never once considered how how my mom felt about my summer coming to an end, but now that I am the mother of a preschooler, I’m pretty sure she felt the same way as I do right now. Big, yellow, bus… take em away!

I’m not gonna lie, having a little person begging for my attention non stop these past few weeks, is exhausting, but we’ve had so many good times together this summer that it’s hard to not smile when I think about it. We went to the beach, we saw family, we went to the zoo, day trips, playdates, the organic farm, sleep-overs, birthday parties, the museum, we were in a fundraising video, swimming, and so much more. We had an action pact summer, if you ask me!

Now, as I prepare Willy for his second year of preschool, I am going to meet his new teachers, new peers, and I’m sure, meet new challenges that never surfaced last year.  But it’s the routine that I look forward to most of all, because Willy thrives on it. These past few weeks have been uncertain for him, but he’s doing just fine. Jason and I are keeping him together with scotch tape and super glue (love).

So, as I do some back-to-school shopping for my little guy, it’s his turn to be upset, and even mad about his summer coming to an end. But at least I can entice him with a new “Thomas” train while I finish up the last minute bits.

***I am raising my glass to all of the parents out there, who are having a little too much fun going back-to-school shopping. If it makes any difference, start humming or even singing the holiday song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.” I can guarantee you that it’ll make your kids madder, but you feel better, because it literally is the most wonderful time of the year. ***




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