Looking for cheap thrills!

Sometimes I go looking for a cheap thrill when I’m feeling down. I’ve been feeling down here and there lately, because sometimes… it’s just hard. It takes a lot of patients to raise a chid, especially one with challenges. But since I’ve made it my business not to sweat the small stuff anymore, I actually go looking for a cheap thrill when I’m feeling maxed out. I found this Elmo video on youtube that features Ricky Gervais. This video made me laugh out loud when I first saw it, and believe it or not, I watched it a few times until I couldn’t stop laughing.  So of course I had to share it with all of you!

Laughter is the very best medicine there is, and the more we laugh, the better we feel. I sometimes feel that if I don’t have at least two good laughs a day, my day isn’t complete. So, so far I’ve only had one good laugh, but my day isn’t over yet. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Looking for cheap thrills!

  1. Thanks, Jill…..let me know if you should hear of any job openings in your travels. Was working with CASECollaborative…loved it….working with middle school kids with developmental delays……enrollment went way down and then my position went away….a bit down here so thanks!

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