I can tell you who I am definitely not!

As I get a little older and wiser, I’ve come to learn more and more about who I’m not, rather than who I am. I need to be honest with myself, because if I’m not… than who am I kidding? Nobody. I’ll give you a few examples.

First of all, I’m not one of those women who appear to have a million hours in her day, and dedicates all of them to her children. I’d like to spend more time with Willy, but I work full-time, make dinner for my family most nights, write, and occasionally, sneak in a few precious minutes for myself when I can. I need those few precious minutes, because without it… I’d be useless.

I’m not fake. I don’t put on a “show” for anyone, and I try to be as honest as I can with myself, as often as I can. It’s important to me to see things as they are and try not to kid myself. Even when I know I’m bring unreasonable.

I’m not Super Mom. I envy those women who really seem to have it together all the time. Everything is homemade, organized, and stress free. I try my hardest but I never seem to get it down pat. I do however seem to get my laundry list of things done most of the tome, and my little boy is happy and appreciative.

And lastly

I am not a rock star. I am not an award-winning journalist. I am not an Oscar-winning actress, and I am not a rocket scientist. I’m just me. I’m Jill. I’m a strong, smart, funny (I’d like to think), loving, educated, and kind individual. I do the best I can everyday and I know that my son is loved deeply and he loves me in return, because I’m mommy. And all mommies are magic.


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