Waiting and teaching children patience

This test of willpower is incredible. It is an experiment that has been tested time and time again and the results always vary, but this professor make some interesting points. Watch the video and tell me… were you the kind of kid who would wait for the marshmallow and get two in return? Or, were you the type of kid who would gobble it down in an instant?
I can tell you now, that I was the type of kid who would gobble the marshmallow down instantly, and then feel an incredible amount of guilt about it and confess immediately.

3 thoughts on “Waiting and teaching children patience

  1. I’d have devoured the marshmallow and anything else going when I was a kid and not given a rat’s arse.

    I imagine my son would’ve done the same when he was that age but his inability to lie and work out that its in his best interests to just wait that bit longer hadn’t yet found its way.

    My daughter would undoubtedly have sat there patiently and waited. She’d still be sat there right now actually.

    • Hahaha! Your kids sound like a riot! I actually tried this little experiment with my son this evening, and he inhaled the cookie (I didn’t have any marshmallows) instant. Well, I guess that’s that. 🙂

  2. Did you really lay on the “If you can JUST hang fire for that bit longer – you’ll get more” or had the cookie already bit the dust before you could even get the words out of your mouth? It’d have long gone before my Mum could even draw breath when I was a kid. I’d have eaten the marshmallow AND sold my soul to the devil himself if he had another marshmallow going.

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