A friendship in pictures


This is the start of a beautiful friendship


It all started even before this picture was taken. This is Willy’s best buddy A. They were friends even in the womb, and they are so cute when they are together. At this age, they used to look out for each other and show each other how the world worked. Willy is 5 months older then A, and clearly a foot longer. 🙂 Willy is 15 months and A is 13 1/2 months old and they love each other very much.


It’s more fun to share


Willy and A always shared their toys. Even at 2 years old! They are still to this day, wonderfully considerate of each other’s feelings, and they are more than happy to show each other how things work, and the best way to destroy it. These two love each other still, and they make each other happy.


Follow me!


At Willy’s 3rd birthday party, he was so excited to show A around and meet his friends and family. The boys are still so considerate of each other’s feelings and they ask to see each other. It warms my heart to watch them play, interact, and share the things that are most important. 
Even at 4 and 3 1/2 these two still make each other laugh, and, they get each other to try new things. Like turning on the sprinkler and running through it with all of their cloths on. 🙂 These two “get” each other. They understand each other, and, These two have a beautiful friendship.I hope they can still make each other laugh and cause trouble even when their teenagers. Just not too much trouble.
A quick Thank you to A’s parents for letting me share their beautiful, smart, and funny little boy with all of you. We got to spend a wonderful day with A and his family this weekend and celebrate A’s 4th birthday. I want so much for these two, but mostly, I want them to have a life long friendship that will carry them through years and years of good times, and be there for each other when they need it most of all. Keep smiling, boys! You parents love you.

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