“My” favorite pronoun.

I feel like Willy has taken an enormous step forward with his speech progression lately. Woo-Hoo!  My husband and I, two different speech therapists, and Willy’s teachers at school, have all been trying their hardest to help my son understand the concept of yours/my/mine. When you think about it, it’s kind of tricky concept, but with lots of repartition, it can be learned and eventually come naturally to the user . 

“It’s your turn.”
“It’s my turn.”
“This one is yours and that one is mine.”

Well, Willy did it! A few days ago, Willy was waiting outside with my husband for the school bus. He was running around when Jason pointed out a squirrel to him. Willy got so excited, because he was so close it, that he shouted out “hi squirrel, I’m Willy. And this is my daddy!” We were all blown away by that one, and then, just for good measure, Willy asked me yesterday to “help me take off my shoes, mommy.”

I was in sheer heaven. I love progress, but mostly I love to share it with everyone else, because… This is HUGE for my boy! Sometimes I just want to shout out his progress over the rooftops.

Sorry for the gloating. It just felt right to brag. 🙂


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