Video Modeling and why it works

I absolutely LOVE the concept video modeling. It helps give kids an idea of how to play with a toy, how to interact with others, asking for help when they are confused or lost, etc. I know lots of students who use video modeling in their day to day curriculum, and it works wonders for them.

Willy doesn’t use video modeling at school, but he likes to use it at home when he’s playing with his toys. Here’s an example: Willy loves “Thomas the Tank Engine” and we probably own just about every train there is, minus a few that are waiting for him for Christmakkah.

Elf on a shelf will work wonders this year… I can tell. 🙂

Anyway, Willy will ask to watch one of his favorite Thomas movies, and then set up his trains (the exact ones in the videos) and have them roll along the tracks together, or crash, or break down, just like in the videos. He makes them talk to each other as well. He doesn’t do this all the time though. He likes to make up his own stories with his trains or dinosaurs or what ever he feels like playing with in the moment, and it’s so much fun to watch. 🙂

Willy doesn’t realize it, but he’s learned so much from video modeling and it’s really helped his pretend play skills soar. If his teacher ever mentions it in the future about making it a part of his curriculum, I’ll have no qualms about saying “yes,” because, I’ve seen what it can do, and it’s amazing.

If you haven’t tried it with your child yet, give it a whirl. If you can’t find one on the internet that strikes your interest, try to make your own. It’s fun and easy and children really respond well to it. Plus, they’ll get a kick out of seeing you on their own, personal, video.


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