Bad Hair Day

Prepping Willy for a haircut is never an easy task, but it’s necessary. Very necessary. Usually every 8ish weeks or so, I let him know at the beginning of the week that he’ll be getting a haircut after school. So, this past Monday I told him that on Friday, he’ll go to Snip-its with me, and he’ll get his haircut.

He’s usually okay with the idea of a haircut and will ask periodically throughout the week about when it’s going to happen. He’ll say “go get haircut.” and then I usually say something along the lines of “Not today. Today is __________. You are getting your hair cut on Friday”; or what ever day I decide on. Willy knows the days of the week and I’m fairly certain that he understands the concept of today, yesterday, and tomorrow, so when I tell him “not today,” I’m pretty sure he gets it.

Well, today was the day. He woke up this morning all set and ready for his haircut. He watched his favorite haircut song from the “Bubble Guppies” for the hundredth time, and he knew what to expect… sort of.

As usual we walk in, Willy is greeted by his favorite hairdresser, and then the crying starts. He knows it doesn’t hurt, but he shakes like a leaf anyway. It breaks my heart each and every time. He asks continuously for it to be all done, but knows that it’ll be over shortly. The hairdresser uses the clippers first (Willy’s least favorite part) and then onto the scissors. He shakes and shakes, and there’s nothing I can do to help ease it, but hold his hand and tell him that it’ll be over soon, and that I love him. When it’s all done (he’s usually still shaking) and eager to go home.

I was going to post the video I took of Willy getting his haircut this afternoon, but the whimpering was just too much and I just didn’t have the heart to post it. We have to keep some kind of dignity, friends. 🙂 However, I did post the video from the Bubble Guppies that seems to help ease some of Willy’s anxiety.

Enjoy and TGIF my friends. 🙂

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