He’s Baaaaaack!!!


Oh Elfy! How I’ve missed you so.


Editor’s note: If you just received a blank post, my apologies. I have absolutely no idea what happened. 

I love this little guy in the picture up above. He makes me smile for the sheer reason of good, old fashioned, unadulterated, FUN! When I first bought him last season, I thought I could use it as a tool to keep my son in line. Like most parents, they take the little elf and book out of the box, and tell their kids that “this little elf reports to Santa every night when you go to sleep, so you better be good.” Then the elf finds his way back “home” in the morning and waits patiently for you to find him. He’s hiding. 

This elf makes the thought of Santa all the more real for kids, but the concept made me wanna puke!

Well, when I laid down to read Willy the “Elf on The Shelf” book last december, and I think I stopped at page 4 or 5. I felt horrible about reading this crap to my (then) three year old son, who tries his hardest to be good everyday. And what if he was older and was bad once or twice? What would happen then? Nothing! That’s what!

So, after discussing my situation with some friends at work, we all decided to use our elves for our own pure enjoyment, rather than Santa’s little henchman. Every night we would place our elves is hilarious situations/positions, and then share the photos the next day at work. I’d show you mine from last year, but the pictures are in my old cell phone, and my phone broke, so I don’t have it anymore.

Sorry. But I will continue the tradition this year as often as I can. Scouts honor. 🙂

But, seriously. This concept kind of makes my stomach wretch just a little. What are we (as parents/teachers/caregivers) trying to accomplish with this? That if their not good, they’ll get nothing? Can you imagine what kind of effect this will have on kids in their tween years? I can see it now: Willy is in the 5th or 6th grade and he and his friends are all gathered around their lockers talking about Christmases past. And then one of them pipes up, well… a few years ago, I got nothing. I was “bad,” “rude,” “mean,” or what ever the case was, and I got nothing!

From that day on, I bet that hypothetical kids was as good as gold. Right? Ha! Who knows.

So, maybe we all should make a pact. We should stop using our elves as bribery and just have fun with them. If you have any pictures of your elves doing funny “things” post them! I bet we all could use a good laugh! Really. I’ll even give the winner a special shout-out!

Sound good?  

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