To Santa… or bust.

If you know me, you already know my feelings about mall Santa’s. Mall Santa’s CREEP. ME. OUT! But if your just getting to know me, I’ll explain. You see, for what ever reason, the idea of waiting in a ridiculously long line at the mall, for a bearded gentleman, who takes frequent breaks… is torture. His red suit, rotund exterior, soft beard, and a hearty belly laugh, gives me the creeps! Who is this man who allows hundreds of children a day to just sit on his lap, tell him what they want for christmas, and take a quick overpriced picture, and call it a day? To me… it’s just not worth my time. Do you see where I’m going with this?

When I became a mom four and a half years ago, I knew the day would come when my son would know who Santa was, what he symbolized, and know that he was readily available at all malls everywhere at Christmas time.

There was no escaping it.

So, what do ya know, This year Willy wanted to see Santa, live and in person! Since my personal protest was coming to an involuntary end, I vowed (silently) to myself, that my boy would get to see Santa this year somehow. I would make that happen for him, because I love him, and seeing him happy makes me happy. 🙂

Last Sunday, We went to a Christmas pasty that our friends at SenseAbility Gym hosted. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and some dear friends of mine were going to be there as well with their kids, so it made the prospect even more enticing for me and Willy to go. As soon as we arrived, we were given a number. That number was for Willy to go see Santa and get his picture taken with him, if he wanted. When out number was called, Willy held my hand tight as we walked over to Santa. He sat down on the chair next to Santa, and just started at him. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, so I decided to just watch and then slowly back away so my son could have some space. 

Santa was big, but not too big. His beard was fake, but his eyes were kind. His belly laugh was just the right volume for a little boy who was nervous about his first real Santa experience. 

He gave Willy a “magic” bell to hold while they talked. If Willy had trouble telling Santa what he wanted to say, he would ring the magic bell, and the magic bell would tell Santa everything that Willy could not. How wonderful! Willy rang the bell a lot, but it was appropriate. When it came time for a picture, Willy decided that he wasn’t ready for Santa’s lap, so they took a picture together side-by-side. It was adorable. 

As we were saying our goodbye’s to Santa, Willy decided to try the lap thing… just for good measure. He climbed up, looked at the camera, said cheese, and then looked at me and yelled out with delight, “YAY!!!” I was so proud of him! I was able to snap a quickie on my cell phone, but nothing compares to one the photographer captured with his camera. I think I’m gonna order it. 🙂

I’m thinking that my view on random Santa’s might change, but the best Santa’s are the one’s who just listen and are not in a rush. Because this Santa was so cool, he was able to get my boy to come out of his shell a little bit, and just enjoy the moment. It really was a beautiful one. 

Happy Wednesday ya’ll



Willy’s first Santa experience 2013

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