To repeat or not to repeat. That is the question.

I’ve been wondering lately about my boy’s Kindergarten readiness skills. Is he really, really, ready for Kindergarten next fall? I know emotionally I have to cut the cord and let him go eventually, but there’s just something gnawing at me that I can’t exactly pinpoint or explain.

Socially I think he’s ready, but his immaturity makes me think otherwise. Willy is smart, but there are holes. If you ask him questions he can answer most of them correctly, but the holes lay where the lack of speech picks up. His behavior at school is less than to be desired at times, but I personally feel that with age comes maturity. Are you following me here?

The thing is, between Willy’s ADHD, speech delay, and now mood disorder, school is difficult for him. Rules are difficult for him. Following directions is difficult for him, And, tolerating other kids who are melting down is difficult for him as well. 

What will Kindergarten bring to the table that another year of preschool can do too?

I spoke with Willy’s teacher this afternoon and we had a brief conversation about it. She told me that the school principal dislikes holding kids back simply because of the age factor. I call bullshit on that one! She also mentioned that they need concrete evidence that a child is in severe educational distress in order to repeat. Seriously?!?! This is preschool we’re talking about!

So, we decided to set up a meeting in late February to openly discuss weather it would benefit Willy to stay in preschool another year or move him onto Kindergarten. His whole team will be at the meeting, so hopefully they will have enough concrete evidence to prove my theory; Willy needs to build some more important skills that will help him to succeed in a Kindergarten setting. Maturity, Kindergarten readiness skills, and most importantly… speech/language therapy and ABA.

(sigh)… growing up is hard to do.


Taking in a moment at the zoo.

One thought on “To repeat or not to repeat. That is the question.

  1. Hey Jill!

    With all my love and respect for you and Will… I say the next part out of love…

    Kindergarden is a great time for kids to grow and develop and to “fill those gaps”. Willy can still get those services but he will also get the positive role molding that is so very important! He will be able to connect more with children older by watching them and mimicking their behaviors.
    Preschool is awesome and no matter where he is in life he and you will find a way to make it work! But preschool children are still under developed in a lot of skills. As a mom and a teacher… I would want my kiddo to learn from older children.
    No matter what you do, I know you will make the right choice for him and your family.
    Mama knows best!
    Love you

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