Elfs and Thanks

Hi Friends. I thought that I would start off by posting my favorite Elf photo’s of this week, courtesy of you! Here we go.





Nice and slow… nice and slow.



… and the elves we nestled all snug in their scarves.



Hey, even elves deserve a break in the sun every now and then.


And my absolute FAVORITE…


Okay ladies, on the count of three, everyone say “SANTA!”. One… Two… Three…


THANK YOU to Ryan E. for sending me this one. It made me laugh more times today than I probably should have. You rock!

Keep the Elf pictures coming my friends, and I’ll post them next week before Christmas. 

Also, I’d like to again thank all of you for taking the time to read “Square Peg in a Round Hole.” I am happy to announce that there are 11, 213 of you out there, reading what I have to say, leaving your comments, seeking advice, giving advice, and learning right along beside me. Thank you. I’m also happy to welcome my new readers in South Africa, India, Spain, Philippines, Germany, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Kenya, Israel, Bangladesh, Brazil, Iceland, Estonia, Austria, Bermuda, Lebanon, and Belgium. 

Welcome my friends!

And as for Willy, Jason (my husband), and myself (Jill), we thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. You are the ones who keep me going. You are the ones who keep me motivated to write, and you are the ones who keep me on my toes. I love writing and sharing my thoughts, ideas, and experiences with all of you, fully knowing that I’m putting myself out there for judgement, so thank you for not judging me or each other when it comes to comments. Your input always means so much to me. 

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone. 🙂 

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