Let’s wrap up this week… and more elves!

Okay, let’s start with the Elf pictures. I’ve had an incredible amount of pictures sent to me, and a few I asked friends permission to post, but I had to pick and choose my absolute favorites, because there were so many. Here are the finalists: 


Jean’s Elf is trying out a new career!



Michelle’s Elf really knows how to make an entrance!



Louann’s Elf is HUNGRY!!



Fishing anyone?



Robyn’s Elf has been captured by the Lilliputions.



Matthew and Elena’s Elf ate too much Mexican food (according to Matthew)!



Ryan’s Elf is auditioning for Circ Du Elf!



Brenda’s Elf and Chanukah Harry are getting along just fine.

Hands down, my favorite Elf is Jeans’. But what do you think? It’s your turn to vote and let me know, because the winner will get a special holiday gift from me. 🙂 I’m closing the poll’s on Monday, so get your elf votes in between now and Monday, Okay? Okay.

With Christmas only four days away, my little man is getting more and more excited for Santa’s visit. He wakes up almost every morning yelling “It’s Christmas! Where’s Santa?” I didn’t do an advent calendar this year (my bad), but I should have. I didn’t think that it was necessary for what ever reason. But next year I will. I promise.  I think Willy really needs a concrete visual, and hopefully that will help him to be patient and to know when Santa will arrive. 🙂

Also, I am thrilled to say that Willy had the best haircut he’s ever had. No really… I’m serious. Willy HATES getting his haircut, and since he was cursed with my thick and curly hair, it’s necessary to keep it short. We go to Snipits about every six to eight weeks, and yes, we have a favorite hairdresser, Amy. Amy is kind, patient, and best of all… she gets it! Se really, really gets it. Usually when we pull into the parking lot, Willy immediately starts to whimper and occasionally cry, but not this time. This time he walked in like a champ, greeted Amy with a “Hi ya Amy!” And he let her use the clippers and scissors without a fight.

Willy gets so anxious about getting a haircut most times, that his little heart beats a mile a minute, he usually turns stark white, and he keeps asking for it to be all done. Amy always lets my boy know what’s coming from beginning to end, and she always know how to divert his attention by asking him questions, letting him feel the clippers before it goes on his head, and so much more. 

I strongly suggest that if you have a child that is scared stiff over getting a haircut, please look into a hairdresser that has experience with special needs children. It’ll make yours and your child’s experience much better for everyone. What I usually do is start off by giving Willy several days notice that he’ll be getting a hair cut on a certain day. I prep him by showing him a bubble Guppies episode “Good Hair” and that helps him know what to expect. He’s usually well prepped by the time we arrive at Snipits and he’s ready for his haircut. 🙂

Well my friends, TGIF! Have a great weekend and enjoy any parties or last minute shopping that needs to be done. I know I will.

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