What a difference a year makes!

As Christmas Eve neared, I had a moment of weakness. I’m a little upset with myself for even considering/entertaining this idea, but Jason and I seriously considered leaving Willy with his Grandfather on Christmas Eve so Jason and I could enjoy ourselves at the party that we attend every year. I guess we were still a little jaded from last years fiasco that left it’s scars for 365 more days.

And then it hit me.

What was I thinking?!?

What kind of mother and father would punish their own child for something that haven’t even done yet? 

Well, it wasn’t us.

After much consideration, Jason and I decided that sometimes a year can make all the difference. Last year, Willy hadn’t been diagnosed with anything yet, and he certainly wasn’t medicated either, so we decided to take him with us and hope for the best. We were prepared with a plan A, a plan B, and an exit strategy if it came down to it, but thankfully, we didn’t need it!


Willy had been excited all day to go to a Christmas party. He knew that he would get dressed up in new clothes, see family, make new friends, and best of all, see Santa. Willy was well prepared and knew that if he wanted to go home, all he had to do was ask. Well, check this out!


The cookie decorating station was so much fun!



Look what Willy made!



Taking a break with Willy’s Cousin L.





All evening, Willy was so happy. He was such a good boy, that I couldn’t believe that it was the same kid. He shared his toys so nicely with his cousin L, he made a new friend, he hugged almost everybody that greeted him, and he never once lost control over his body! WOW!!!!! It’s a christmas miracle!!!!

But my most favorite part of the evening had to be this.

Nonna is reading Willy and L a story

Nonna is reading Willy and L a story

This Christmas Eve was by far the best I’ve ever experienced with my boy. We stayed at the party late into the evening, and my boy was still happy. It still pains me that I even considered leaving him out of it, but you know what? I don’t think it makes me a bad person. I thought that I was doing him a favor by keeping him out of it. Out of the chaos. Out of the noise and certainly out of the hustle and bustle that is a BIG party. But he surprised us. All of us!

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