The Snowy Day


                            Boy, it’s windy out here.



I knew mother nature would be on my side for a change. 🙂 I got to spend a wintery Wednesday with my little guy, and so far it’s been a blast. Between the snuggles and cuddles under a warm blanket, we went on a “snowy adventure” together. Willy does not like to wear his mittens, so building a snow man was out of the question today. Instead, our adventure consisted of us holding hands while we went for a long winter walk. We caught snow flakes on our tongues and noses and we climbed up “mountains” (snow banks) according to my son. He loved making tracks with his boots and after walking a few feet, he would then turn around and laugh at his tracks. 

It was really cute.

When we came back inside to warm up, we continued our snuggle-a-thon on the couch. 

We did other things today, but our “snowy adventure” will stay with me always and forever. I think Willy seconds’ that motion as well.

Cheers to Hump day.

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