A Proud Mommy Moment

I just wanted to start off by apologizing for my absence yesterday, but it couldn’t be helped. You see, Willy and I went to his second (ever) dentist appointment in hopes of getting a cleaning, and… well… this happened.


Looking at himself and making all kinds of faces.

and this…


My hygienist taught me how to “swish and spit.”


And of course, this.


1, 2, 3, Willy is helping to count his teeth. Yep… there’s 20!


I was overwhelmed by how well my son did at the dentist yesterday. Actually, he did better than most adults do. I didn’t prepare him as much as would have liked, because… I kinda forgot, but thanks to technology, I got a text yesterday morning reminding me of our appointment, and we made it right after school (phew). 

When we arrived, Willy went to survey the toys in the waiting room while I checked us in, but nothing interested him. So he sat next to me with a juice box and his ipad and watched a “Thomas” movie until it was his turn. Jorgia (the hygienist) came out of the office singing his name and waiting with a BIG smile on her face. Willy jumped up and went to her (no questions asked) and held her hand all the way to the “cleaning room.” 

Willy jumped up into the chair and immediately asked for a ride. Already I was impressed. Jorgia was too. Jorgia was amazing with my boy! She spoke so nicely to him and explained everything that they were going to do together. Willy helped with counting all of his teeth, pushing the buttons that squirt water into a cup, and my favorite… he got help choose a tooth paste that Jorgia would to use to polish his teeth with. Willy answered ALL of Jorgia’s questions; yes, no, and then some, and he was as good as gold. 

When it came time to polish his teeth, Willy sat back in the chair and opened his mouth before Jorgia could even finish telling him what she was going to do.

He trusted her. 🙂

And Jorgia went to town. She not only polished all of his teeth with grape flavored tooth paste, but she asked him if she could take a few xrays as well… AND HE LET HER! Ummm… WOW! I was beaming! I was grinning from ear to ear and even the dentist told Willy how proud he was of him, and how nice my baby’s teeth looked.  


     I ROCKED this appointment!

Willy did better at the dentist than I could have ever expected, but it was the soft approach of the dental hygienist, Jorgia, and our family’s dentist. They were so warm, kind, friendly, and sweet to my little boy, that it made me believe that my boy was growing up and accepting new adventure that came his way. Willy asked questions like “What’s this?” and “What’s that?” throughout his appointment, and all of Jorgia’s answers were short and simple, so willy could understand.

I was so incredibly proud of my big boy yesterday, and I know that if we can tackle the dentist together, imagine what we can do together in the future. 🙂

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