All you need is LOVE




Love, love, love. Valentine’s day is such a sweet day. I used to go through phases of either loving it or hating it, but now I look at it as a day to tell at least one person how much I love and appreciate them.  

When I asked Willy this morning who he loved, he immediately said, “you!” I thought I was going to burst with pride, I was so impressed. When I asked him who else he loved, he said without hesitation, “Daddy!” When I asked him just now if there was anyone else he loved, he looked right at me and said “everyone!” 

So it is with great pride that I spread some of my son’s love with you all. Get ready… arms out… ready? Aaaaannnnd… HUG!


LOVE is a new baby kid to snuggle with at the zoo.


Happy Valentine’s Day


Jill and Willy

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