Eye Witness to Awesomeness!


           A speech session in progress


Yesterday, I got to witness a Speech session with my son and his long time Speech Therapist, M. Since I’m always at work during his therapy time, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to get a chance to sit in on Willy’s session during our vacation time together. I have to say, that it’s amazing how far my boy has come since M started with us two years ago. He’s blossomed and his confidence is rising a little bit more with each and every day.  Woo Hoo!

When M rang the door bell, Willy was jumping up and down yelling “M is here! M is here!” He greeted her at the door with a hug and a smooch, and then showed her the way inside. He said, “come on M. This way.” My heart just sings every time spontaneous language pops out of his mouth, that is age appropriate with a natural feeling. 

The two of them wasted no time at all and got right down to business, starting with a game on the floor. 

M had fun action cards that read different directives on them. For instance, M put a card on the floor and said “Willy, touch your nose.” And he did. Another card read, “stomp your feet.” And he did. After about 5 or so cards, she put two cards on the floor with a “then” card in the middle. She proceeded to tell me that “two step directives are a work in progress,” and then she showed me what she was talking about. She put out two cards that read “hands up then clap.” Apparently, Willy only hears the last directive, so he immediately started clapping. They just started working on two step directives a few weeks ago, but she asked me to start doing this at home as well. 

Yes Ma’am.

Then they went to the table and M took out a photo album that she and Willy have been working on together. Inside, there were pictures of familiar people, places, household items, and so much more. I was in awe. She wrote a few sentences about each picture, and then asked Willy questions about it. For example, there was a picture of Willy and his grandparents. The caption read, “I am eating lunch at a restaurant with my Grandma and Grampy. I am feeling happy. I am drinking milk and eating chicken. The she would ask him questions about what she had just read, and listening to my boy recall facts was amazing! 

I was so incredibly proud of him!

After that, they read a silly story about spaghetti together and my heart continues to melt. Just watching my son stay engaged with every activity that she brought out simply amazed me. 

M ended the session with s few ipad activities, and of course my son’s eyes lit up. He LOVES the ipad. They played a matching game, a guessing game, and a coloring game. I got to play as well and it was such a blast. I very rarely get to see my son in action and it was such an incredible sight. I am so proud of my big boy who is making leaps and bounds with his articulation, problem solving skills, word approximations, and the length of his sentences. 

Of course it’s my job as a mom to continue to challenge my son with higher expectations and continued repetition. I do the very best I can at not giving in when the “waves get choppy,” and verbal and physical praise go a very long way for my boy. He loves to be tickled and tossed around like most four year olds do, and of course I would do anything for those cheeks and dimples. 🙂 

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