Food Sensitivities Part 2

In yesterday’s post, I summarized my own childhood allergies, what a gluten and casein is, and how my son’s ADHD was so crippling that I just had to give a gluten free diet a try.

So a lot of you are wondering if the 3 month Gluten free/Casein free diet worked for my son… no, it did not. The only thing that it actually did for him was the fact that he dropped 3 pounds, and he was no where in the vicinity of needing to loose weight. He didn’t like the chalky taste of the crackers that I bought for him, most of the cookies were a dud, and a few other things that he wouldn’t even try. 

I called my friend to ask her what I was doing wrong? I mean, I was following the book to a “T” and nothing foreign ever touched his lips as far as I knew. I even changed the whole milk that he was drinking to Almond Milk. “What gives?” I asked. And she told me that the “diet” was unnecessary for him, because it wasn’t the gluten that was affecting him or his ADHD. I was a chemical imbalance that would most likely need a medical doctor’s attention… if I chose to do so. 


“So what now?” I asked my friend. She told me that there were plenty of alternatives out there for us, and keeping him gluten free certainly wouldn’t hurt, but she reassured me not to get down on myself, because it was a useless emotion to go through; “use that energy and apply it somewhere else, she said” 

Yeah, I know. She kinda rocks! 

So in the end, I had to slowly reintroduce milk to my son, because after being off of it for so long, it could really hurt his stomach and cause cramping and diarrhea. He certainly didn’t seem to loose his taste for chicken tenders and regular fish sticks though (haha). 

**** fast forward 1 year later ****

I couldn’t stop itching! From scalp to toe nail, inside and out, I was a wreck! On night, Jason and I were sitting in front of the t.v. and couldn’t stop my skin from crawling. It was driving me CRAZY and nothing I did would stop it. I even snuck into my son’s bedroom while he was sleeping, to use some of his shea butter cream on my whole body!

Nothing helped!

Eventually the itching went away, but it always came back…. and with greater force. I thought about Web MDing myself, but then I remembered reading something in my “ADHD Autism Cookbook” and I flipped though the pages until I found what I was looking for. My symptoms: Fatigue, Eczema, unexplained rashes, severe itching, dark circles under the eyes (I always looked like I’ve been punched in the face), chronic headaches, hyperactivity, and upset stomach. I’m sure you could have answered “yes” to a lot of these too, but it made sense to me. A lot of sense. So for giggles and ha-ha’s, I tried going gluten free and sugar free as well (just for good measure). And in a months time, I had lost almost 15 pounds, I hadn’t had a single headache, the dark circles under my eyes had lightened considerably, and my itching had decreased by more than half, on a scale of 1-10. 

A couple of weeks ago I went for allergy testing. The doctor took two vials of blood and told me to keep up what I was doing, because clearly it was helping me. I was still itching, but it was tolerable. I’ve only had one headache since January 1st., and yes, I do cheat a little here and there, but even when I do cheat, I still feel like crap… so sometimes it’s just not worth it. I did share a piece of cheese cake with my husband two nights ago, and although it was sinful and completely decadent, I am still reaping the benefits of it as we speak. I am itchy and have an awful rash on my neck and chest.

But at least I know that this new lifestyle that I have been living since January 1st, is much healthier. And even though I LOVE BREAD and PASTA, there are alternatives. And sometimes I just have to say “to hell with it!” because I know exactly how I’ll feel in as little as two hours after ingesting something bad. It may taste good at the time, but then buyers remorse sets in and I kick myself for giving into temptation. You know what mean? Listening to your body is key, because only you know how you feel. It my take time, but do the research. It may also take a couple of doctor’s visits to find out what your allergic to, but your body will thank you for it. 


                                      Mmmmmmmm! Cake!

4 thoughts on “Food Sensitivities Part 2

  1. I just recently gave up gluten to determine an allergy of my own. For me, gluten was not the problem. It was my face cream. I did learn that there are some pretty great gluten-free options though. Gluten-free pasta and granola bars were some of my favorites. Good luck with the cheating issue. I have an allergy to caffeine that most people can’t fathom. Most are outright appalled that I can’t have coffee, coke, or tea but, avoiding those is easy when I remember the alternative. For me, having a single bottle of coke will mean a completely sleepless night followed by a writhing on the floor migraine. Yup, I know my limits and I stick to them. At least, I can still have chocolate. 🙂

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