… and with a wave of my magic wand…


I wish I had a magic wand!


I really wish I had a magic wand. Don’t you? I mean, just imagine the possibilities. With a wave or a flick and a little sparkle perhaps, I could make the impossible, possible. I could change everything! I could go back in time and actually insert my foot in my mouth, or say or do just about anything, and then with a wave or a flick and a little bit of sparkle perhaps, I could erase the entire event that had just occurred, and make it right. 🙂 I could be skinnier, have smoother skin, more tameable hair, or endless $$$. 

But putting vanity aside, I would use my magic wand for good. With a wave or a flick, and yes, some sparkle, I could end world hunger, find that missing Malaysian jet, cure… well…. just about everything. With a wave or a flick, I could make my son’s life easier. I could erase his daily frustrations and replace them with… *SNAP*

Okay. back to reality.

Someone once asked me, that if I could change one thing about my child, what would it be? After the selfish wheels turned around and around in my head, I replied with “nothing.” I wouldn’t chance a single thing about my son. I mean, it would be nice if he could wait for more than five seconds for something without loosing his stuffing, or replace his speech delay with the vocabulary of a Pulitzer Prize winner, but then he wouldn’t be mine. He would be someone else who looked a lot like my little boy, but would definitely not be my boy.

When I think about the changes that Willy has been through this past year, I guess there is a magic wand being waved and flicked… just in a different form. The doctor form. Willy sees a child psychiatrist monthly, who has diagnosed him with ADHD, anxiety, and a mood disorder. With a “flick” of his magic pen, he has prescribed three very different medications that all lend a helping hand in helping my son function everyday. And without these medications… my son wold be a mess! My husband and I have seen what he’s like when we accidentally forget to give him one of his meds, and I gotta tell ya… it isn’t pretty. It’s almost like my son can’t function. He looses control in certain situations, and everything seems to just fall apart and crumble around him. 

And I feel so badly sometimes. When he came into this world, he didn’t ask for any of this. He just wanted to breathe. He didn’t ask for a severe ADHD, or anxiety, or a mood disorder. He just wanted to BE. So as his mom, I would do just about anything to help my little boy succeed. And if that entails waving my magic wand, in what ever form that comes in… so be it! You better believe that I would stop at nothing to be that mom. To be out spoken and to  speck out.

So, my fellow readers, start waving those magic wands. Be a voice for those who need help, and be there for those just need a friend. 

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