I’ve been thinking about my little boy’s birthday a lot lately. In exactly 29 days, Willy will be turning five years old. I know that time flies, and sometimes it moves at a turtle’s pace, but I really should’ve turned him into a “vampire child” years ago. 🙂


Loving the Toy’s R’ Us catalogue

My mom made a sweet yet sour point a few days ago; admitting that with Willy’s developmental delay, it’s still kind of nice that we still have him as a sweet little boy for a little while longer, instead of him growing up and maturing… as little often boy’s do. Now, don’t get me wrong. Willy is incredibly independent with some things and still completely clueless about other things. for example, he could care less about what he wears to school, but when it comes to his pajamas… he definitely has a say in what he puts on after a bath. Willy for the most part, he can get himself dressed, but still needs some help here and there. He feeds himself independently, tells me what he wants to eat and when, and helps to clean up afterwards. He can follow 2-3 directives at a time, brush his teeth with some “mommy assistance,” and so many more wonderful things.

Although, sadly, he is still not potty trained… and this is killing me. His teachers work hard with him at school to take him every half hour, track when he is wet and when he is dry, and rewarding him heavily when he produces on toilet. At home, it’s a different story.

It always is. 

I can take him every half hour, I can reward him heavily for producing on the toilet, but he still can’t seem to tell me when he has to go. He’d rather play and not be bothered to leave everything exactly where he left it, to pee (which takes maybe a grand total of 20 seconds). He’d rather be sopping wet and watch a favorite tv show, rather than pause to quickly pee, and then pick up where he left off. We have never sabotaged him, ever, but I wonder if he thinks that we will? I just don’t know.

But with turning five years old, there are expectations. At five, he will go to Kindergarten, ride a school bus with typical peers, learn to navigate his way through a new school, stay up later at night, ask his teacher(s) to use the bathroom (with a visual), learn basic reading and writing skills, count to 101, have a new best friend (his current BF has one more year of preschool left), become more independent, take more risks, try new things, learn new classroom rules/expectations, become more social, less aggressive, learn to trust new people, and so much more that my head is swimming.

I’m going to have to trust a whole new team of specialists to take good care of my boy, in hopes that they help him become the best Willy he can be! And… that scares me the most.

Every morning, before I kiss my boy goodbye, I remind him to be good, to have a great day, and to be a good friend to everyone he meets. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn’t. But ever since Willy was taught to ask for “breaks,” his day has improved dramatically, and that is music to my ears. 

I mean, who knows. Turning five could be the best thing to ever happen to my boy, and with fingers crossed, he’ll get to celebrate his birthday with his closest friends from school and home. He’ll have a little cake, open some great gifts, and just enjoy his day. And, I’m going to throw caution to the wind when I say this, but maybe his April break this year, will be his potty training break-through week.

Fingers crossed.



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