A Sunday First


I am being cautiously optimistic that the video that I am posting will actually post and not freeze up like the last time. Fingers crossed. Please let me know if the video doesn’t allow you to watch it and I’ll try and fix it.

Anyway, I wanted to share a special moment with all of you. Yesterday, Willy, Jason, and I, went to our favorite park and enjoyed the afternoon together. The weather was simply breathtaking, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. 🙂 While we were walking, Willy spotted a man throwing his dog a stick, and then watched the dog bring the stick back to his owner. Now, in ordinary circumstances, I might be a little leery about asking if my son could have a try at throwing the dog the stick, but since he was surrounded by three, pretty college girls, I took my chances and assumed that he was all right.

And, what do ya know? He was! Willy spent thirty minutes just playing “stick” with the dog (Jax). They ran, jumped, and LOVED each other! When he wasn’t playing with the dog, he was busy flirting with the girls who tossed around a football with him, and gave him high 5’s all over the place. Willy was in his glory! He kept stopping the game to pet the dog and hug him. Jax’s owner was awesome, and showed Willy how to throw the stick far, so Jax could run farther. It was fantastic to watch!!!!!!!

Now, I know what your going to say, “get that boy a dog!” And, we will someday, but now is not a good time for a dog… and just know that it has absolutely nothing to do with the “R” word (responsibility). It’s just that we simply can’t have a dog right now.

When it was time to go home, Willy threw Jax one last stick, gave him a nice hug and pet, and waved goodbye to his new friends. Willy skipped to the car with such lightness and ease in his step, that it brought out the same feeling in Jason and I. We all had such a wonderful time at the park, and I can’t wait to back soon.

Happy Monday.

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