A dragon and his fairy princess


Dress up can be so much fun!

Once upon a time, there was a princely boy who loved to stop around and make as much noise as he could. At times, the racket that the prince created was so great, that the prince’s mommy and daddy (the king and queen) told the prince to go his royal chambers to take a break and calm his body. 

Well, the prince didn’t like it and he would shouted from the roof tops of his royal chambers, “RRROOOOAAARRRR! I’m a mean dragon and I’m going to eat you up. I’m SO MAD!”

The king and queen grew concerned. They certainly didn’t want to be eaten up by a mean dragon, so they called their royal advisors for some much needed advice. The advisors, advised the king and queen that the prince should  seek out the love and friendship of a fairy princess who lived in the next kingdom over. The princess was a sweet and gentle girl who loved monkey’s and stickers, and she was very good at sharing her things with others. 

The king and queen thought that was a splendid idea, so they paid the fairy princess a visit. Upon arrival, the front gate was open. And inside her palace, the warm and caring environment that the princess lived in was ready with open arms. The king and queen were elated! The prince however had a one track mind, and went right for the untouchables (only to be touched by the fairy princesses mummy and daddy). But once the rules of the palace were made very clear to the prince, the fairy princess had a wonderful idea. 

“Let’s play dress up,” she announced, and made a b-line for her wardrobe of fantastical items. Inside the wardrobe, the prince found magic wands, necklaces, hats, costumes, fairy wings, and many more mysterious items. But what the prince found, made him even more excited. He found a dragon costume. And even though it was two sizes too small for him, the prince still asked for help from his mommy, and was very proud of his fine costume.

The prince looked in the mirror and let out a great, big, “RRRROOOOAAARRRRRR!” He was so very proud of himself, because he looked like a big and mean dragon, but the fairy princess was left feeling a little frightened by the princes noisey racket, that she cried a little. And the prince felt badly. 

He really did.

So while the queen’s talked about queenly things, the fairy princess and the dragon ran about the palace giggling and laughing. But when the prince roared his scary roar without even thinking, the fairy princess said “I don’t like that” to the prince, and the prince said “I’m sorry” and hugged her. And then they were off again, because all was right in the world once again.

The prince and  princesses friendship continues to grow on kindness, trust, and love, because that is the basis of any friendship.


It’s never the end. It’s only the beginning.


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