Teacher Appreciation


This book is my favorite gift to give to my son’s teachers.

Did you know that this week is teacher appreciation week for all teachers and care givers? I wasn’t aware of it myself until a few days ago, and then I panicked. Usually I have some kind of notice, but not this year, and I was feeling terrible about that. So, I called my friendly, neighborhood, Barnes &Nobles and ordered four copies of Todd Parr’s book “It’s Okay to be Different. This book is very special to me on my levels, but mostly it reminds me of my son and all of the people who help him to succeed on a daily basis.

Even though this book is silly, it lets the reader know that it’s okay to “eat macaroni and cheese in the bathtub,” and “dance by yourself.” It also lets you know that “it’s okay to have invisible friends, two moms,” and other wonderful things. This book reminds you that no two people are alike, and that it’s okay to not follow the norm. 

I like those ideas. 🙂

I believe that this book and others like it, helps to build self esteem at an early age for a lot of children, but for me… I like to give it as a gift to teachers. It’s kind and sweet messages are always good for a giggle, and to share it with others is even better.

Special Ed. teachers are special, and there is no doubt about it. They have a special understanding of the inner workings of our children, and the patience and kindness that they show, is unmistakably marked as excellence. I salute all teachers because what they do is hard! I don’t think that there are words to describe just how hard teaching really is, but know this. The ones who educate and respect your child/children is an Angel. They are kind and caring, and the really good ones go out of their way to execute their teaching methods in a fun and exciting way. Believe me, I’ve had some lousy teachers in my time, but I’ve also had some really good ones as well. And, I’ll never forget the good ones.

So, If you haven’t done so already… thank a teacher. Commend him/her on the job that they do, and know that everyday they give it their all to help make a difference in the lives of children. They are your child’s biggest fan, their shoulder to cry on, their ear to listen to, their heart to give, and their arms to hug. Please let them know just how much you truly appreciate them.

Trust me on this one. They’ll appreciate it.

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