Good News and Thanks!

Hi Friends. I hope you all had a good a restful weekend. Hey, guess what? On Saturday morning, I woke up to a message from a fellow reader, and she informed me that she had nominated me for the “Sunshine Blog Award!” I could hardly contain myself and I think I might have squealed out loud like a little girl on Christmas morning, and I might have even jumped up and down on the couch… but I’ll never tell. 🙂


Willy at 8 months.

After high fiving my son, I jumped on facebook to share my news. But what I really want to say, is that I am so incredibly grateful and humbled by my good fortune, but mostly I’m grateful for you (my readers), because with out you, “Square Peg in a Round Hole” would cease to continue. When I started writing almost a year, I was in a bad place, and I wondered if there was anyone out there like me who I could relate to, and vice versa. But what I found was an entirely new adventure that just continues to amaze me. 

Through this blog, I have found my voice (inside and out). I have also found that “Tiger Mom” strength that I always knew existed, but didn’t think I had in me. I have become an advocate not only for my son, but for lots of other people (friends) who need help and support. I am proud and honored to be there for you, and just know that you are not alone. Not in the slightest. Through this blog, I have realized that not everyone has it all together all of the time. And those that appear to always have it all together, all of the time…are lying… to themselves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, denial is not the river in Egypt. Denial is an ugly beast that keeps you from admitting the truth. Denial makes excuses and lies to you. Denial makes you believe things that aren’t really there to begin with, but you know what? We’ve all been there at some point in out lives, and it’s up to us to put denial to rest. Asking for help is not a sin. It only makes you stronger. 

Also, I’d like to welcome my newest readers. I absolutely LOVE the fact that I am read from all over the world, especially my newest readers from Viet Nam, Brunei Darussalam, and  Kenya. What I’d really like to do is introduce myself to you in person, but since I don’t have a private jet or endless funds, I think I’ll just stick to the internet. So, welcome everyone. 🙂

Thank you again for reading, friends. Everything that is discussed here is the honest truth, and even though some days are rougher or better than others, my little boy is the one who always seems to come out smiling in the end. And that is what really matters to me. 

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Good News and Thanks!

  1. You are an amazing person, an amazing mommy and even more amazing for sharing your story, your life with others. I am honored to read your blog

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