Anxiety Relief For Children

Hi Friends. I found this children’s story on youtube, and I think it’s phenomenal! It’s called “The Goodnight Caterpillar” and it’s a story about a little girl who meets a caterpillar who is tied up in knots, and is therefor stuck. By using deep breaths and problem solving techniques, the caterpillar is freed! The author’s name is Lori Lite, and her techniques are amazing. The video is only a snip-it, but the website is listed at the end of the video, for you, you know… just incase you were curious.

After doing a little more research, Lori Lite is the founder of “Stress Free Kids,” and provides parents with fun and “relaxing” ways to help their little ones in time of stress and frustration. Her techniques are used for bed time as well. She uses guided imagery, yoga, exercise, a calm and soothing voice, and family activities to help create a stress free environment.

She has a lot of books out and I highly recommend that you check her out. You can also follow her on Pinterest. Let me know if you try any of her techniques, because as I’m finding out, she does WONDERS with little ones who are troubled sleepers. 🙂

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