Summer – A parent’s survival guide

I am lucky enough to have have a job that gives me two full weeks off from work, before my summer position starts. And in the first week of my summer break, Willy and I had some “Mommy and Me” time together. I’d like to tell you that it was all bread and roses, but it wasn’t. There were good times (don’t get me wrong), but there were also times that I was ready to sell him to the highest bidder. 

I’m really not kidding.

Okay… maybe just a little.

In our first week off together, we kept busy. Like, really busy. We went on play-dates, Went to the beach, visited family, had his speech therapist come to the house, went swimming in the pool, went on errands, went out for lunch, went to the zoo, went to a doctor’s appointment, etc. But I have to admit, that when I kissed him goodnight and shut his bedroom door at bedtime at the end of each and everyday… I was D.O.N.E. DONE! 

I really wanted to enjoy the time that I have with him, because when I look back on it, It feels so limited. I don’t want to look back on my summer vacation at the end of August and say to myself “where did the time go? We didn’t do anything together!?!” You know? I want to have memories that are worth remembering… not worth cringing over. 

And then I received a letter from our town giving me all of the information I needed about Willy’s summer program, and I also fainted with excitement! For some reason, I thought that Willy started his summer program on July 7th like I do, but no… he started on MONDAY June 30th. I was completely giddy with excitement! All I could think about was having four whole days to myself (8:30-2:00), and what I would do with all of my free time. 

As a mom, I’ve never experienced this before, but after it sank in, so did the guilt. I kept thinking to myself, “these are the best years of my boy’s life, and I’ll never get time like this with him again! But all I can think about was time without him!” Yes, this sick head game went on for two days. And of course the guilty side of me went right out and bought him a new Thomas Train, and some ice cream, because seeing him happy makes me happy. 

So, now that I am in day two of my four days off, I’ve decided to make a summer survival guide for myself, because thats what I do. I always have a plan A, and a plan B, just in case. When Willy’s school bus drops him off at 2:15, I want to do something fun with him; wether it’s swimming, time at the playground, or visiting a friend so Willy can have a playdate. I know that he needs some down time just like the rest of us, but keeping him busy just feels right to me. And letting him watch t.v. or play with the ipad on a beautiful afternoon, just makes the guilt worse, and I really can’t live like that. My boy needs stimulation. Constantly. Because if he doesn’t get it, he gets moody and mischievous. 

I am going to ask all of you a favor. If you have fun activities that you like do with your family, could you please share it here? I’m sure a lot of other parents could benefit from new ideas as well. Thanks.

Oh, and by the way, a very good friend of mine Pat Vogelpohl just put out a new book, and I really think that you should check it out. He is the Co-creator of Dos Bad Dads, and his satirical comedy is hilarious. You can find him on His new book “Let’s Avoid Uncle Dale” retails for $2.00 on Amazon, for Kindle only. This is not a children’s book, but it’s pictures are hysterical and the humor dark.


Summer Fun!

Summer Fun!

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