A Friday to remember

Sorry I was MIA on Friday, but our day started out like this.


My boy had his 5 year check up, and he clocked in at 43.5 inches tall and 53.5 ponds. BIG BOY! He aced his eye test, was proud to show off his missing tooth to his doctor, and took both vaccinations like a champ! Go Willy go!

When our pediatrician asked me if I had any questions or concerns, I just laughed at him. I mean, there are always concerns, but this time, I came armed with question after question. I handed him some lad results from a recent blood test and asked him to translate the results for me, because the only word that I could decipher that wasn’t 12 letters long, was the word “high.”

You see, Willy was tested for PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychological disorder associated with streptocaucaus) not too long ago by another doctor, and Willy’s primary pediatrician was intrigued. He is trying to become our country’s leading expert in PANDAS and is looking for patients for his study. He spent an extra hour with us asking me all kinds of questions, and with every answer I gave, he was taking notes like a mad man. Then, he asked me if I’d minded sending Willy to a lab near by for some more blood work for the PANDAS diagnosis. I didn’t mind, in fact, it worked out perfectly, because the lab was on the way to our next destination.

Or so I hoped.

On our way to the lab, my boy belted out tunes from the movie Frozen in the back seat of the car, and I just sat there driving, beaming with pride. I love listening to him sing!

Now, of course when we got to the lab, they were closed for lunch! Of course! Because anything convenient with an over active 5 year old is simply absurd, right? Right. So, Willy and I took the opportunity to go out for lunch… just the two of us. And it was nice. He munched on chicken strips and french fries, and I, my salad. And we snuggled in the booth and took this selfie.


When we arrived at the lab, my boy looked nervous. I reassured him that he would be fine, that it would only pinch for a second, and then we’d go swimming afterwards. Well, I wish it went as smoothly as I just made it sound. My son tensed up so badly that the lab tech punctured a vein, and because Willy was so nervous, his blood flow stopped! He screamed and cried for a half hour, and still, two different lab techs could not draw a single drop of blood from him.

So, they sent us to a different lab.

And the same thing happened there. Willy tensed up, his blood flow stopped, he screamed and cried, he fought the lab techs, and me, and then after 35 minutes of trying to collect enough blood for nine tests, we called it a day.

My poor boy. He was exhausted, bruised, and in pain, and no matter how much I told him how proud I was of him, he was still mad at me for putting him through all of that.

I get it. I’d be mad too.

Sadly, because the lab techs did not collect all of the samples that they needed the first time, we have to go back again this Friday… And do it all over again. The thought of having to restrain my son, watch him get stuck with needles, listen to him scream and cry in pain, makes me sick just thinking about it. If I could buy him a pony, just for getting through this, I would, but hopefully the bag of Doritos that I bought today will suffice.

He just stared blankly out the car window as we drove home. I honestly thought that he’d sleep, but he just zoned out. It depressed me, because my smiley and silly boy just wasn’t there in that moment. Just a tired and worn out kid sat quietly in the back seat for 40 minutes, not making a peep.

When we got home, this happened.


It had been a long, long, long day for all of us. Willy rebounded beautifully after a short nap, and I just enjoyed snuggling with him the whole time he slept; letting him know that I was there for him, and that I wasn’t letting him go.

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