Just For You


Here. I saw these and I thought of you. I know, it’s probably been one of those days right? One for the books I’m sure. And since we’re all friends here, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Are you ready?

Come close… alrighty.

I have complete and total writers block today. I don’t know why, but everything that I begin to write sounds either lousy, wildly inappropriate, or just plain stupid. So, when I came across these lovely wine bottles, I thought, “hey, these are funny, and it’s gotta be 5:00 some where, right?”


So, while I search for something meaningful and uplifting to write for tomorrow’s post, grab your bottle openers, and pour yourself a nice, well deserved, glass of something tasty; delectable even. Wine should be respected. Sipped slowly and enjoyed by anyone who consumes it.

So, put the kiddies to bed, kick your heals up, let your hair down, and relax a little. You’ve earned it. You’ve had a long day, and maybe, just maybe, once you take your first sip, you’ll say to yourself, “man! She’s right! I deserve this.”

Just do me a favor. Don’t drink and dial. Even though everyone knows how awesome you are, and nobody wants a “drunk dial” call in the middle of the night. Okay?


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