Mr. Wise Guy

Today, my day started off like this. This was this mornings Facebook post:

What a little con artist, right?

When Willy was four months old, my husband and I decided to sleep train our son. He was old enough that he didn’t need a night time feeding, but young enough to learn that sleeping through the night was going to be essential.

And so it began.

It took about two weeks, a lot of tears (on my part), and a lot of patience, but we did it. By four and a half months, Willy was and still is, sleeping through the night and knows how to “self-sooth”… until now.

For the past few weeks, My son has taken the liberty of getting himself up in the morning (which is a very big boy thing to do), but he’s taking it a step further. He’s now getting his own juice box out of the fridge as well as helping himself to snacks. He now brings everything to the coffee table in the living room, gets all his favorite toys out, and starts playing. And within a few minutes after that, he goes and gets the iPad off of it’s resting place. He’s all set up!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am pleased as punch over this, but Willy is doing all of this at 5:00 in the morning (insert grown here). He used to just stay in his room and sing and talk to himself, and sometimes play until Jason or I came in to get him at a semi reasonable hour. But now, all of that has gone out the window. And the worst part of all, is that he falls asleep on the couch between 7:00 – 8:00 in the morning and is a complete grouch for the rest of the day, because his sleeping pattern is thrown off, and he’s still tired.

My fabulous friend J has a special clock for her daughter to let her know when it’s time to get up out of bed, and when it’s time to stay in bed. I always wondered if Willy would understand the concept of the clock, but now I’m leaning towards it, because his new found independence is leaving me utterly exhausted! Here is a picture of the clock that I’m considering getting.

It looks pretty clear cut as far as expectations go, but will my son be able to follow it’s directions? I think with a little practice and patience, he’ll get the hang of it. Maybe it’s a little like sleep training again but without the tears. Who knows. I’ll let you know how the clock works out for us. But in the mean time, I hope that you are all sleeping well, feeling well rested in the morning, and need two or less cups of coffee to get going, because at my rate… I’m running in fumes right about now. 😉

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