IMG_4198Hi friends. I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome my newest readers. I am so proud and exited of how wide spread this blog has become, and I’d like to personally welcome my newest readers from Israel, Singapore, Republic of Korea, and Nepal. I hope you find this blog educational as well as entertaining.

I have a few exciting things that I’d like to share with you today. First off, in a month or two, I will be publishing my first book! It’s a children’s book (an early reader) that features my “little man.” This is huge for me, because I am having so much fun writing, that I have a few more ideas/books that I’d like to publish as well. I will let you all know as soon it is available for purchase and where to find it. 🙂

Second, remember last week when I told you that a teacher from my son’s summer program “James” called me to tell me how much he loved my son, and how much he enjoyed working with him this summer? Oh good. You remember. He called me this afternoon and asked me if he could come over for a quick visit. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, because I was so curious to meet this brave soul who took such an interest in my kid. James was fantastic! Willy saw him, ran to him, screaming his name “James! It’s James!” over and over again, until they high fived and giggled. Willy showed him our home, his favorite toys, and his trampoline. James told me about all of the fun that they had over the summer session, and he even got my son to drink some water. I can’t even get him to drink water without a fight. James is my new best friend as well! 🙂

For the first time in a while, things seem to have quieted down a little around here, and if I cross my fingers and wish hard enough… maybe it’ll stay his way for a while. Have a good rest of your day, and again, welcome to newest readers. I hope I hear from you, and stay safe everyone.

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