Sometimes all you need is a little break to rejuvenate. Willy and I got lucky this afternoon and we had our favorite summer spot all to ourselves. Usually we have to wait for our turn for the swings or wait for our turn to “push the button” to make the sprinklers go at the park, but not today. Today it was Willy’s turn to just be free and enjoy his surroundings.

We haven’t had the easiest week this week, but this afternoon’s excursion has made it all worth it.

But what I can tell you is that right now I am feeling extremely lucky. I feel lucky for many reasons, but mainly for the quietness of the park, some alone time with my son, and for the fact that he reminds me to breathe every once in a while. I can’t control everything, but the things that I have some control over, I need to just let go of every once in a while.


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