The best day in a while

As you know, yesterday was not a good day in our household. There were tears, arguments, and bargaining, and that was just on my end. When I kissed my boy goodnight last night, I told him that “tomorrow was a fresh start, and that it was going to be awesome!” We said our “I love you’s” and I shut the door and collapsed on the couch next to my husband. We looked at each other, and he gave me a knowing smile and said, “tomorrow will be better.”

It just had to be.

When Willy woke us up at 5:15 this morning, I had already decided that today was going to be a great day! I had decided to take him to a new museum that he’s never been to, and even if he didn’t like it… it was okay.

When we arrived and parked, I showed him the picture schedule that I had made for him on my phone. He looked right at me and said “no, I don’t like that.” No biggie, I retorted, and I put my phone away. As we walked up the path together, hand in hand, he seemed relaxed and excited. These are two emotions that I’m not used to seeing on him at the same time. There really didn’t seem to be any anxiety present, and I’m just not used to seeing him like that. Period!

Now, before I share pictures with you, please know that when we go to any kind of museum with our son, we don’t go from exhibit to exhibit, taking our time, taking in our surroundings, and conversing about everything we see. Oh no. We see everything at lightening speed, and can cover three floors of exhibits on under an hour. That’s how quick Willy takes in his surroundings. That’s just how he is.

Well, today was the first time my son actually stopped to smell the roses! Literally! Here, I’ll show you.

I know it’s hard to see, but there are two bald eagles in there.

He’s trying to see how fast an ostrich runs.

Look, a box turtle.

Woah, that dinosaur is bigger than my moms car!

Did you see that turtle move?

Lady, I got this. Trust me.

I can make a bubble as big as me!

This place ROCKS!

Today was an incredible day out with my little man. And not only did we spend 3 1/2 hours there, but he even got to pick out a present in the gift shop, just for being awesome! I am just so proud of my boy. We celebrated our flawless day out with a dip in Grandma and Grampy’s pool! Woo Hoo!

Come on in. The water’s fine!


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