Boy’s best friend.

This is Willy’s furry pal Emily.

Emily is a five year old Doxon who visited with my parents for a few days last week while her master was on vacation, and Willy joined in on the fun for an overnight as well. And boy did Emily make an impression on him! And vice versa I guess.

My boy has always had a love for animals. It doesn’t matter if they walk, slither, or swim, he can always be found right there with them, trying to show them as much love and affection as possible. And It’s actually quite beautiful to watch… most of the time. He’s always had a thing for dogs as well. Dog are special in his heart. And when you think about it, what not to love about dogs? I mean, their sweet, kind, furry, affectionate, and smart. They can follow simple commands, and be taught how to behave in various ways according to their master’s wishes.

And there are all kinds of dogs out there besides lap dogs who work just as hard as their masters do. There are service dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, show dogs, etc. But Emily is special. She brought something out in my boy that I can barely talk about without tearing up. She brought something out in Willy that can only be described as a miracle.

When Willy first met Emily, he would walk over to her, pet her gently on the back, and tell her to “sit.” Then he would walk away with the dog still sitting, and the dog would be wagging her tail excitedly, expecting a treat in return for listening to her human. This went on for an hour or so. Then, he would go off and play and every now and then, he would walk over to her, give her a snuggle, and then go back to playing.

And both Willy and Emily were happy.

My mom noticed a relationship unfolding, and tried using it to her advantage. For example, when it was time for Willy to use the bathroom and he flatly refused, like he often does, she would tell him that Emily wanted him to go, and that she would go with him if it made him feel better. AND HE DID!! she also got him to eat his veggies by using Emily, and the mere fact that Emily would wag her tail every time my boy did something desirable, was almost like magic.

He loved walking her, feeding her, snuggling with her, and checking in on her. They were like two peas in a pod.

As my mom told me a sweet little story over the phone, I just cried. I was just in complete and total awe of how my boy responded to a dog that he had just met the day before. Emily brought out more language in my boy, and she had ultimately relaxed him. He showed no signs of anxiety during their visit, and he was calm, cool, and collected for over 24 hours. Something that my husband and I haven’t seen in a long, long time.

If this wasn’t a sign (a blinking neon, in your face sign) to get this kid a pet, than I don’t know what is. But sadly, we are not in a position to be dog owners at the moment. Dogs are a big responsibility (no, i am not scared of responsibility). But they also need training, vet bills can be outrageous, and we just don’t have enough space for a dog. But when I think about Willy and the magic that Emily brought to him, it just hurts to think about.

And with even more consideration, my son (so I’ve been told) is the perfect candidate for a therapy dog. My head is swimming with questions and at the moment, but it ultimately rests in the hands of the real estate gods sadly.

So you see… I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Things will sort themselves out like they always do, and in the meantime, I can just look at this picture above and smile with good memories of the little dog who made such a HUGE impact on my son’s life. She showed him how to relax his body, stay calm, and to trust her. And that is exactly what he did. He trusted her.

2 thoughts on “Boy’s best friend.

    • Oh my goodness. You are a wonderful, wonderful, Angel. Well, my husband and I are currently house hunting at the moment, and when we find the perfect home for the three of us and a dog, I’ll let you know. You are my angel and are in my heart for ever.

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