Boy interrupted

This was one of the few, first day of school pictures that my sitter was able to get this morning. I had this wonderful scenario played out in my head, and it went something like this: Willy would wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to go for his first day of kindergarten. He would come bounding into our bedroom chanting (yes, chanting) “It’s the first day of school, it’s the first day of school!” Or something like that. He would be eager to get dressed, have something to eat, and wait impatiently for our sitter to arrive. And when she did, they would walk hand in hand to the bus stop, where my little guy vibrated with excitement, because the bus was coming. Once he was on the bus, they say their goodbyes and off the bus would go into the sunrise.

I was clearly diluted with my la la land day dream, because everything I had thought about… the opposite happened.


My boy woke up at 4:00 this morning ready to role, but was in a bad mood. Figures huh? I wasn’t ready to start my day. Once he was up, he didn’t want to get dressed or eat anything, but he was excited to see our sitter. The bus came a lot earlier than expected, so my boy ended up missing the bus (on his first day of school!). My fabulous sitter some how got Willy to believe that they had to chase the bus down, and with that little white lie, she was able to get him into the car and drive to school. Willy was not happy about that, but he did it anyway. His teacher Ms. R was waiting for Willy in the lobby at school, and when our sitter went to say goodbye and leave, my boy cried out “come back W! Come back!” And with that, he flopped to the floor in a crumpled heap… and cried.

This was so not how I imagined that going.

My boy was thrown off by the mere fact that the unexpected had taken ahold of him, and it kept dishing out more than he could possibly handle. I’ll break it down for you (the bus didn’t show, he had to take a car, pulled up to a new school, with new sounds, new smells, a new kind of organized chaos, and… new teachers.) It was just too much for him to handle in a span of 10 minutes. It broke my heart when she told me that, and then I cried.

As I went about my day, my mind kept drifting to my little man. I kept wondering what he was up to, wondering if he was behaving himself, etc. At the end of the day, I waited for the bus with two other moms and our sitter, and I was so anxious to hear/read about his day. When the bus pulled up, I could hear my little man from outside the bus yelling “MOMMY!” At the top of his lungs. When I got on the bus, I was so surprised to see how happy he was. He gave the bus driver a high five and skipped all the way to our front door.


I read in his home/school log book that after a short nap, and a snack, his day perked right up. He had a great afternoon and was eager to go back again tomorrow.

Now that’s what I like to hear!


12 thoughts on “Boy interrupted

  1. It never goes as planned does it? Glad he ended up having a good day! We have officially left the honeymoon phase of the new school for Seth. Now he’s on strike. We knew this was going to happen, but yeesh….could we be wrong for once? LOL How does a 9 year old even know what “strike” means???? LOL

    • I love it “on strike!” Yeah, his day started off rocky but ended well! His teacher seemed pretty excited about having him in her class and I know he’ll get the hang of it sooner then we all think.

  2. Happy it ended well. These little guys surprise us sometimes. I’ve actually texted our teachers multiple times to let them know Little Man had a very rough start to his day, only to hear from them at the end of the day he’d been amazing. One breath at a time.

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