A one-woman side show

I felt like one-woman side show this past weekend, and the fact that it was apparently written all over my face, without me even saying anything… well, it says a lot. Like the day I had yesterday, for example. I felt like all I needed was a big circus tent, a megaphone, a stool, a spotlight, and a tall skinny man shouting “come one, come all! See the woman who’s loosing her stuffing one instance after another! Watch her hair turn gray before your very eyes! Watch her stress eat and collapse under pressure! YES-SIR-EE, watch this woman loose her mind, for FREEEEEE!

Okay, I admit it sounds a little eccentric, but that’s honestly how I felt yesterday. My poor boy was just having a bad couple of days, and the fact that there was nothing I could do to help him, made me awful inside. Tantrum after tantrum made it impossible to go anywhere or do anything, and when I called his doctor in desperate need of help, he told me to give him a hot bath. “It’ll relax him” he said.

Yeah right!! I was so pissed!

And even some pampering (something I never get to do) couldn’t even be enjoyed, because my husband kept texting me, asking for help, because he was in desperate need of it. I don’t blame him.

As I wrote to his teacher this morning to let her know about his weekend and what to possibly expect for today, I though back and felt awful about how I handed a few of the tantrums. For us, it got to the point of me or my husband just sending him to his room, because he was just so inconsolable. And then, trying to just “love” him to death afterwards. I know… very un-BT like of me, but when your lost and desperate, you’ll try just about everything and anything to help get your kid back to his “happy place.”

You know what I mean?

So as I sit here, fighting a loosing battle with a potential cold, I am just shaking my head with absolute disbelief. I am not throwing in the towel or anything like that, I’m just done at the moment. I even wished his teacher “good luck” today. What I really wanted to do this morning, was put a bottle of wine for her and Willy’s backpack with a nite that read, “you’ll be needing this later’l but that just seemed a tad inappropriate, don’t you think?

Lol. ☺️ Happy Monday everyone. May this week bring you happiness and sunshine, and if you celebrate Rosh Hashanah, happy new year to you and your loved ones.

See you tomorrow. Peace out.


8 thoughts on “A one-woman side show

  1. oh I’ve so been there and done that! In fact last Tuesday night this was my Facebook post:
    “while I can’t do this because I’ve already told him no, if someone else wants to take pity on me and bring Seth Mac and Cheese, potatoes and gravy(white potatoes and brown gravy) fried chicken extra crispy and green beans his meltdown may stop. We’re going on an hour now! YIKES”
    I know your exhaustion! I tried it all…and by all I mean I even pulled out the old tricks we used when he was two! Sometimes it’s just one of those days! We finally decided it was a change in routine, coupled by weather (we’re in monsoon season here, lots more rain and humidity than normal!) and the fact that he was tired that led to this great collapse. And sometimes sending a bottle of wine to the teacher may get you brownie point! LOL
    and for the record, I’ve not mentioned fried chicken, mac and cheese, green beans or mashed potatoes and gravy since that day! No need to stir a sleeping dog right??? LOL
    Hang in there. I know it’s hard fight. I know Wily probably doesn’t understand it all (seth doesn’t), but we will all get through this for our kiddos! They’re going to change the world one day, either by what they do or how the rest of society views them! I hold on to that!

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