A very special reunion in pictures

Yesterday, Willy’s best girl E came over for a play date. They haven’t seen each other in about a month and a half, but these two picked up exactly where they left off. It was one of the sweetest reunions I’ve ever seen.

Hugs and kisses go a long, long way with these two.

Then they snuggled under their favorite blanket and watched a little TV.

A little arts n’ crafts fun together.

Followed by a marble maze. It was so much fun to listen to the two of them giggle as the marbles made their way from the top to the bottom.

And no play date is complete without ice cream at our favorite spot!

I haven’t seen my boy this happy in a long time, which of course brought tears to my eyes… because that’s what I do. I cry. I don’t consider myself a sap, just a happy-moment-sucker. Scouts honor. And to be honest, I think I smiled more in the few hours that E spent with us, then I have in weeks. That little sweetie pie brings so much joy to those around her, that it was almost impossible to NOT share this with you.

Have a great day everybody

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