“The eagle has landed!” I texted my husband, after I dropped Willy off at his new school on Monday morning.

Willy he was incredibly nervous as we headed to the front door of a very large building. He held my hand tightly. We met the school director at the door and she greeted my son with a sweet smile, and a very cheery “good morning.”

He immediately hung his head and looked at the floor. With a little prodding, he reciprocated with a very quiet “good morning,” but refused to give her any eye contact.

He squeezed my hand even tighter.

I gently rubbed his head with my hand, crouched down, and said “it’s okay honey, I’m right here. It’s going to be alright. ” My soft words still didn’t seem to comfort him, so we followed the director down the hall to his new classroom. He remembered the way from our visit the week before, but still he stayed close to me. When we open the door to his classroom, his bright and bubbly teacher greeted us with the kindest “hello” I’ve ever heard. She remembered exactly what Willy’s favorite toys were, and had them already for him on her round table. He immediately went to the toys and started singing and playing happily.

I melted a little.

I could see my boy relax just enough for me to step back for a few minutes and talk to his teacher. I reminded her of his likes, dislikes, triggers, etc. I even told her where his “sweet spot” is when you tickle him. As a mom I started to feel a little better about leaving my son in someone else’s care, fully knowing that it was okay for Willy to just be… Willy.

At his new school, he will be monitored very closely. Notes will be taken on him daily, and his trigger moments will be hashed out by a team of specialists, broken down and analyzed, so the best possible plan can be put in place for my boy, once his 45 days are up. The best case scenario is that Willie will go back to his original kindergarten class room with a new plan in place. The worst-case scenario is…. there is no worst-case scenario. The program that my son is in will find the best possible school setting for him, and a program that works even better to fit his needs. They recognize the fact that Willy is very bright, but now, they just need to harness the good in him, and teach him how to deal with the tougher parts. His anxiety and behavior.

And that my friends is no easy feat!!

I have a lot of faith in the program that my boy is in right now. I’m extremely excited to see what the outcome will be, and right now I’m letting my concerns take a backseat. I’m letting the professionals take over, and they know that I’m right here if they need me. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like it’s going to be okay. I almost forgot what that feeling was like, as sad as that is, but I know that my son is in the best possible hands there is, and for that… I I am incredibly thankful.

Don’t ever be afraid to fight for your kids and their rights. They need you and you need them, and together, you will make it work.

Happy almost Thanksgiving.

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