You know you need a good nights sleep when…

Calling all parents!

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Picture this scenario. Yesterday, I was driving in my car alone. My son was with my mother while I ran some errands. I must have been in the car for at least 10 minutes, singing my heart out, when I came to a red light and I suddenly realized what I was singing. My son’s sing-a-long CD was playing and I was belting out “The Wheels On The Bus!”

… yes, I know. I need a nap.

And a few days before that, I’m pretty sure (not 100%) I washed my hair twice while in the shower, because I couldn’t remember if I had already done it. And I also tried to use my debit card the other day, and got upset when it didn’t go through, because my BJ’s card is NOT a debit card.

And that my friends, is how little sleep we are all getting in my…

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