What a difference a year makes

Every now and then, my son will say or do something that makes me stop for a moment, take a step back, and “remember when.” This past Sunday was one of those moments where I just couldn’t stop smiling.

We had our first snow fall a few weeks ago, and my son stood at the living room window, jumping up and down yelling, “it’s snowing, it’s snowing! Christmas is coming!” “Yes it is” I retorted. Willy proceeded to start looking around for the holiday decorations and seemed disappointed when I told him that it was a little too early to start decorating.

Ummmm… wow!

Moving on.

So this past Sunday, we brought the holiday tree up from storage, and this is what happened.

He was SO excited to decorate, that he helped take the tree out of the box, and sat there while Jason and I put it together, all the while yelling “it’s Christmas!” I reminded him that Chanukah was coming soon as well, but he seemed more focused on the tree. I swear, Chanukah needs a better marketing agent.

But then, this happened.

And then, this.

Last year he didn’t show the slightest bit of interest in helping decorate for Christmas or Chanukah. All he cared about was that dam “Elf on the Shelf” that he likes to play with so much, But this year, my son took such care and pride in decorating our tree; running back-and-forth between the decoration box and the tree, carefully choosing which decorations he wanted, and carefully placing it wherever he thought it looked best. I was overwhelmed with pride!

When we finished, we all took a step back and admired our work. I asked Willy what he thought of the tree, and he just sighed a little satisfied sigh, and said, “WOW!”

Wow is right! What a difference a year makes my friends. This never would have happened last year, I can guarantee it.

And now, just to add a little humor to this sweet story (because that’s what I do), my boy decided to start his day at 3:30 a.m. this morning, and this is how I found him a little while ago when I went to check on him while I was doing laundry.

Happy Tuesday

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