Who should decide our medical fate? – Please watch this

Last night, 60 minutes aired this disturbing news cast about insurance companies and their doctors “playing GOD” with our lives. This news cast hit home on a personal level to Jason and I, because we have been at the mercy of our insurance company on more than one occasion this past year. Literally!

As we watched this episode, while barely breathing, we realized how lucky we were in our particular situation, but at the same time, how unlucky a lot of people are currently. I started yelling the television saying, “WHY DO YOU GET TO CHOOSE? HUH? Can’t you see that these people are sick and need help? WHY DO YOU GET TO PLAY GOD!

I was furious!

And because of these doctors with a “GOD complex,” several people (I know there are more out there) have perished because they didn’t get the full amount of medical care/therapy that they so rightfully deserve! Grrrrrr. This subject matter completely fires me up. Please watch this fifteen minute clip of last nights show, and promise me that if your ever in a personal or medical crisis, that you seek out a liaison and know what your rights are as a patient. PLEASE speak up! PLEASE.


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