Happy Everything

Yes, I am fully aware of how freaky this picture is, but it kind of says it all, don’t you think?

I’m actually pretty glad that the holiday season has finally arrived, because I think my family could use a little seasonal joy, as I am sure that yours could too. Every year, I look forward to the endless holiday songs playing on the radio, because I find it relaxing. There’s also something about lighting candles, snuggling under a blanket, sipping a warm cup of coco, and loosing yourself and a little harmless holiday cheer.

Every year around Christmas time, at least one person asks my little boy if he’s been good this year. And of course Willy says “yes” because he doesn’t think of himself as a bad boy.


No child should ever think of themselves as bad, and the whole idea of getting nothing because you’ve been “bad,” sends me reeling. I recently saw a video on YouTube of a little boy opening up a big box, wrapped in beautiful paper, with a BIG bow on top, and then crying in hysterics because there wasn’t a present inside the box. There was one piece of coal inside, and no actual present. You could hear the parents laughing in the background as the child cried and cried. When the parents told the little boy that it was only a joke, he almost seemed scared from the experience.

I’m pretty sure that that little boy, who is most likely a teenager now, still doesn’t find that joke funny. And he’ll probably be at the mercy of his parents, and the butt of every Christmas joke, for every Christmas to come after that.


But anyway, I wanted to take this moment to thank all of my readers, and wish you all a very “Happy Everything!” The holidays are all about giving, receiving, and bringing joy to those around you. Joy comes in many different shapes and sizes, but best of all… it comes from the heart. Joy is all about smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses, and so much more. Joy is letting those around you know what they mean to you, and vise versa.

HAPPY EVERYTHING everyone. Be safe, share the love, and for God sakes, let your hair down a little and relax! You deserve it! I’ll be seeing you the day after Christmas. ❤️

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