Winter blues

Now tell me that isn’t the happiest face you’ve seen in a long time? Here in New England, we’ve been getting the crap kicked out of us by winter. Last week we got almost 3 feet of snow, followed by another foot and a half a couple of days ago, and NOW they’re telling us that we’re getting yet another nor’easter this coming Monday. MAKE IT STOP!!!!

When I was a child, a snow day was everything to me. It meant staying in bed just a little longer, staying in my pajamas all day if I wanted to, and spending endless hours outside playing with the neighborhood kids; sledding and having snow adventure after snow adventure, until we were so cold that we had to go inside to warm up.

These were also the days that we would go outside after school and not come back until our mom’s called us for dinner.

Now that I’m a mom and have a child in the public school system, I frown upon snow days. I look at a snow day like it’s the biggest pain in my ass that ever was created. Now that I think about it, I’m sure that my mom felt the same way… but she never let on. Maybe because I was the “go outside and play” generation, my son is a product of the electronics generation.

During last week’s storm, it was my goal to get my son outside and enjoy the snow. He tried hard, but the snow was just too high for him and all he wanted to do was go inside, but I was adamant! I dug my heels in and made him stay outside for just a little while longer. And of course he was miserable.

Today was Willy’s first day back to school in seven days! The city took DAYS to dig out, and then we were hit by another storm on Monday. By Monday… I was climbing the walls for some normalcy. I hadn’t had any time to myself since last Monday, and since we moved into our new house, it’s hard to unpack while keeping my third eye on my son, because now he’s taken to jumping off the side of the couch and climbing on his toy structure in order to get the toy that he wants, instead of asking for it. Grrrrrr.

But in all honestly, I’ve definitely enjoyed the snuggles, the cuddle, the one-on-one time that he definitely deserves from me, and the little fun projects that we’ve done here and there together. As much as I’ve cursed the snow, it’s taught me a lot about being with my child and accommodating his needs while being snowed in together. Being snowed in with a child that has an anxiety disorder as well as raging ADHD was not easy. He was literally bouncing off the walls… literally, and there was nothing I could do to help calm him. I had to wait until he exhausted himself in order to be able to breathe.

And that gave me anxiety.

But now that it’s all said and done, and my son is currently on the school bus as we speak, I’m looking around and realizing that being all by myself doesn’t have the luster that I thought it would have. It’s actually a little lonely around here (my God I never thought I’d say that). Because I’ve spent so much time with him lately, I actually miss him right now. I had this vision of skipping up the driveway once my son was on the bus and pouring myself another cup of coffee while getting comfortable on the couch and watching TV while surfing the net. Did I do any of that.


I put all of Willys toys away in the playroom, I emptied the dishwasher, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, swept the kitchen floor, and here I am talking to you fine people. I did pour myself another cup of coffee, but now I have to go and get myself ready for the day, and run a whole bunch of errands before I have to go to work this afternoon.

I swear this weather is messing with my head, but you know what? If we do in fact have another major snowstorm on Monday, I’m going to be prepared with lots of fun stuff for Willy and I to do together, if he lets me. I would do anything to help ease his anxiety, and for him to just be calm and happy. And who says jumping off the side of the couch isn’t fun and calming… right???

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