Measles hysteria

With all of the talk about measles outbreak’s and children not being vaccinated, it brings up a touchy subject with most families. I know my family was one of them. I have talked about the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine in the past, but since this is such an important topic to discuss, especially on the news and in the newspapers, I thought we could discuss it as well, so here we go.

Even before I was pregnant, I watched a very good friend of mine have her child’s vaccines “unbundled” for reasons that I’m going to keep private. Unbundled means-one at a time. I always thought that that was extremely clever of her, and vowed to do the same when I became a mom.

On the day I went to interview a potential pediatrician, I was only seven months along. I asked him what his philosophies were, his bedside manner when it came to new parents, and his thoughts on spreading out the MMR vaccine or skipping it all together. I remember we had a stare down for several seconds, which after a while … it just felt plain uncomfortable. This was also the time that I was on my Jenny McCarthy kick, and everything she said was like the word of God to me. The pediatrician stood up from his chair and walked over to his bookcase. There, he took book, after book, after book out, and placed it on his desk in front of me. Then he went to the hallway and brought back a stack of medical journals for me to see. In that instance he reassured me that there was NO evidence that the MMR vaccine caused developmental delays, should be given as a series of three – and not unbundled, and that my baby would be would be perfectly fine. Maybe just sore at the site of the shot, but fine.


Here was a doctor sitting right in front of me with physical evidence, stating that the measles vaccine was important, safe, and strongly advised that it should be administered as a series of three, and not skipped.

I liked this guy. He was real, and not some phony. He wasn’t one of those doctors that told me what I wanted to hear just so he could take on another patient. He was honest with me… and so I trusted him. But he also let me have my way at the same time. He allowed me to have my sons vaccines unbundled and that we would see him weekly just to keep everything on track.

Flash forward 18 months later.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was the day that Willy was going to get his first MMR vaccine. I remember not sleeping well the night before and I also felt like I was marching my son in for a possible death sentence. Luckily I had my husband reassure me that everything was going to be fine, and that Willy was just going to be sore for a little while.

To be perfectly honest… I came very close to canceling the appointment. Why? I don’t really know. I didn’t know then and I don’t know now, but there was definitely something gnawing at me to do so. That little voice inside my head was telling me that EVERY child goes through this; it’s routine. Well if it’s so routine, why was I so nervous? I mean, it’s not like it’s going to change him or anything (snort).

Flash forward to today.

When you think about vaccines, hopefully you think about the jobs that they do, and their potential outcomes, globally. Because of vaccines, diseases like Small Pox has been eradicated; saving millions upon millions of lives. Polio on the other hand, keeps popping up in poorer countries (according to the UNICEF web site) but doctors are making their way around the world in order to help eradicate this disease. Slowly but surely, Polio is becoming nonexistent as well. But why now are we hearing about measles so much all of a sudden? Because more and more parents are choosing to not vaccinate their children. They are choosing to keep their children’s bodies free from potentially harmful substances in order to keep their children neurologically fit.

I’m trying to be nice here if you can’t tell. But seriously, not to sound bitter or anything, but I took special care to have ALL of Willy’s vaccines unbundled… and where did it get us?
Somewhere controversial. That’s exactly where it got us!!!!!!!

My husband and I were talking last night about why Autism is growing at a crazy scary rate. I so badly need something to blame this on. Whether it’s myself, or genetics, or the changing environment that we’re living in, or the fact that I didn’t use “green” cleaning products when I was pregnant, because I thought that they were a waste of money. I was looking for something to blame! I didn’t drink, smoke, eat cured meats or unpasteurized cheeses when I was pregnant. I followed everything to a T… except the cleaning products part. So WHY is my child being punished when I did just about everything right?!!!!!!? Yes, this part eats me alive inside.

Well, at least I get to look at and kiss this beautiful face every single day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to hear him say “it’s Mommy!” with such excitement and enthusiasm every time I walk through the door. And his hugs and snuggles are like nothing else that I’ve ever experienced in my life.

So when people refuse to vaccinate their children because they’re afraid of potential outcomes or disabilities, tell them that it was already in the cards when they found out that they were pregnant to begin with. I’m probably sparking some kind of debate right now and that’s fine with me. I love debates! I would also really like to hear your opinions on this, so please don’t be shy. Let your voices be heard, and I will respond right along with you. 😉


3 thoughts on “Measles hysteria

  1. Lots to think about. I guess I’m with you that something we can’t explain is happening to our kids. Having taught so long, I can tell you that this sudden increase in autism is not smoke and mirrors. But why????? I am guessing that there are many factors which have created a critical mass. But I don’t know, obviously. Our food is altered, we have plastic stuff ‘bleeding’ into our drinks- does all that radiation which escapes everywhere just stay in one place? I wish it could just be one factor and we could avoid that, but if it were that simple, wouldn’t we know by now? I feel for you and all the moms who wonder if they are responsible. I think the causes are too complex and aren’t under our control. I’m glad you’ve started a discussion.

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