A date with my little man

I wanted today to be special for my little guy. He’s been on vacation from school this week, and I feel like all I’ve been doing is dragging him around on errands and going here, there and everywhere with him. If I was his age, I think I definitely would’ve protested as well. So, I thought we’d take an adventure into the city together and go to the aquarium.

Before bed last night, I asked him how he felt about going to see fish, and penguins, and turtles at the aquarium. He was so excited about the prospect of seeing “sea creatures” that he started jumping up and down on his bed, and was scripting his favorite lines from the movie “Happy Feet” and “Finding Nemo.”


So, off we went this morning! We endured the city traffic at its peek in order to get to the aquarium when it first opened. I figured that if we got there right when it opened, the crowds would be minimal, and Willy’s anxiety would be at its lowest. And boy was I right! Check out the pictures that I took today, and just know that a month or two ago, we probably wouldn’t have been able to take Willy to any kind of museum, because his anxiety, mixed with the wrong kind of medication, really took it’s toll on him. Enjoy his smiles. I know I did.

Checking out the Sea Lions outside of the aquarium.

“LOOK!” He shouted. “It’s baby Mumble!” All of the other kids around him got just as excited as he did.

The look on his face says it all.

“Hi fish!” He tried to say hello to each and every fish. We must’ve stood there for at least 10 minutes.

Willy was so excited to meet “Mr. Ray!”

“It’s kissing” he proclaimed!

“BOING BOING BOING!” Willy asked me where Dory was. He clearly had Nemo on the brain

We didn’t order the picture, but hey… why order it when you can just take a snapshot of it online.

And lastly

He loved watching the divers take care of the fish. Especially the 80-year-old sea turtle named Myrtle! He also spotted a barracuda and a shark.

Willy and I had a very special date day together, but next time I think it will be even more special with his daddy in tow. Lol. 😀

6 thoughts on “A date with my little man

  1. Jill – what you’ve done with your amazing son is phenomenal. We follow his progress on Facebook and are so impressed…..Sid and Evelyn Plotkin

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