A video and a plea for help 

Hi friends. I found this video on YouTube this morning and it literally brought me to tears. My husband and I are working tirelessly to help get our son a therapy dog, which has just been upgraded to an assistive dog. Why you might ask? Because something has to give. It breaks my heart to watch my son struggle in a world that doesn’t bend the way he wants it to. Every time he melts down (in public) it breaks my heart, because it’s something that he simply can’t control, and putting the pieces back together is getting increasingly harder. 

Watching this video gave me hope. It showed me that there IS a world out there just waiting to be explorered. With the help of his new best friend, he’ll get to experience new things that he probably never would’ve considered before. His anxiety will lessen, and he’ll trust his new pal to lead him and not abandon him. To understand him… to get him. 

This video is amazing!  It’s about a boy named Nathan and his service dog, Sylvia. They are an amazing pair, and it just goes to show you what A little K9 love and therapy is all about. So please watch it and if you’re able to, please help make a donation to our “go fund me” project for our boy. He is in desperate need of some canine compassion, and with your help it’ll happen. 



Thank you so much. 


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