Mom’s gone wild!

“I need this” I kept repeating to myself over and over again. On Saturday night,  my fabulous friend J, The divine Ms. E, Valentine, and I, all went for a girls night out! Between the four of us, we have seven kids (four boys and three girls). As moms, were tired. We’re over worked, feeling a tad under appreciated, tired of the daily grind, and BOY did we need some fun! So on Saturday we did what anyone would do when seeking out a good time. We did dinner and a movie, but not necessarily in that order. And what movie did we see… you might be wondering?

Fifty Shades of Grey, BABY!!!

As a big fan of the book series by E.L. James, and the musical parody that comes to Boston the last two years in a row, the movie was exactly what I needed in order to unwind. The movie was exactly what I expected it to be it to be. SEXY as hell, but it also has it’s eye rolling moments of “come on!” as well.  But for the most part it, it did it’s job. It fulfilled every woman’s fantasy for 2 1/2 hours, and well, accept for the major “punishment” part at the end, I think I got my movie quota fulfilled for the next couple of years. 

That part I could’ve done without. 

But the real fun for us was after the movie. It was when we all had a chance to sit down, have a drink, and just talk. When we got to the restaurant and found out that we had a 30 minute wait, I skulked around the bar looking for a table. When I order drinks for my friends and I, the bartender asked to see my ID. I literally stared at her for a few seconds and said to her, “what? The harried, over worked, sick of dealing with my frustrating life, exhausted mom look doesn’t give my age away? Because Right now I feel like 100 years old today.” She just stared blankly at me as if I was waisting her time. “No?” I said back to her. Alrighty then.” So I handed her my ID as well as my friends ID’s. We sipped our drinks in delicious relief, and went back to waiting for a table. 

I don’t know about you, but I find myself getting bolder and bolder lately. I almost seem to have no filter and I’m starting to say almost everything that I think and feel. Out loud. I keep telling my husband that I am in desperate, desperate need of some kind of vacation from my life. I’m angry and emotional almost all of the time, and I’m starting to think that’s not a good combination. 

When I gave my snarky come back to the bartender, I felt a pang of guilt. She doesn’t care who I am or what my life is like outside of that restaurant. She just checks IDs and mixes drinks for a living. She doesn’t care that I’m writing about her right now, or the fact that I have a special needs child at home, or the fact that I feel like I’m about to lose my stuffing any moment. She just checks IDs in mixes drinks. 

When we finally sat down at a table that a lovely couple let us have, I immediately felt myself decompress. And I have to say that if it wasn’t for my two best friends, I really don’t know where I’d be. My friends are funny, honest, giving, caring, and most importantly, they get it. We all have stuff going on in our lives, whether it’s good, bad, or down right scandalous, but most of the time you keep the good stuff to yourselves, right? Not with my group of friends! We talk about everything and anything… and there is no judgment at all! I love my girls more than I can possibly say, and there is no one word out there that expresses my gratitude and affection for them. The one word that comes to mind at the moment is RESPECT. 

I really hope that all of you have at least one person in your life that you can say this about, because without this person, you’d probably feel pretty lost. The feeling of the freedom that I had on Saturday night almost made me feel like my old self again. I still feel like I’m hanging on by a thread every now and then, but at least I have wonderful people to go home to, and that’s what really matters. 

Happy Monday everyone. 

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